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Awards and Hounours
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Keynotes, Invited Talks, and High-level Lectures
Pak Shek Kok Reclamation Project and Interactive Consolidation Analysis
JH Yin full CV
Professional/Consulting Experience
1984-1986 Assistant Engineer, the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China.
1986-1990 Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1990-1992   Geotechnical Consulting Engineer, P.Eng, Jacques Whitford and Associates Limited., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1992-1994 Research Engineer, the Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering, PEng.
1994-1995  Geotechnical Engineer, Binnie Consultants Limited. Consulting and applied research in Geotechnical Engineering and Geo-Environmental Engineering.
1995 - 01/1999 Assistant Professor, Department of the Civil & Structural Engineering, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Academic-in-Charge of Soil Mechanics Laboratory.
01/1999 - 09/2002  Associate Professor, Academic-in-Charge of Soil Mechanics Laboratory.
09/2002 - 06/2013 Professor
07/2013 - present Chair Professor of Soil Mechanics.

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