Professional Affiliations
Professional/Consulting Experience
Contributions to Geotechnical Profession and Journals
Awards and Hounours
PhD, MPhil, MSc Students with Dissertations and Researchers Supervised
Keynotes, Invited Talks, and High-level Lectures
Pak Shek Kok Reclamation Project and Interactive Consolidation Analysis
JH Yin full CV
B.Eng. Civil Engineering/Port and Waterway Engineering, Chongqing
Institute of Communications and Chongqing Institute of
Architecture and Engineering (now Chongqing University), China 1983

M.Sc.  Geotechnical Engineering, the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics,
The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (MSc courses taken in the
China University of Science and Technology) 1984

Ph.D.  Geotechnical Engineering, the University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1990

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